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Clear cache on Firestick

If your Firestick is running slow this can happen because the Firestick has many apps whose caches are full. By clearing the caches then turning of the Firestick off and back on this can with this issue.

1. Go to setting on your Firestick. This can be accessed by going to the settings option at the far right of your Firestick menu.

2. Select the applications box on the screen below the menu bar.

3. Select manage installed apps.

4. Go down your apps and look at the cache. If the cache shows a number press the rewind button on the remote control and you will be presented with clear cache and select yes.

5. Once you have went through and cleared the cache of all installed apps press the back button and select My Firestick and restart your Firestick.

6. Next unplug your router for 2 minutes then turn back on and wait until your internet is restored. Once restored your Firestick will reconnect to the internet and you can retry the TV4less app again.

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