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We can now offer payment by Bank Transfer just simply select bank transfer at checkout and we will send the details between 09.00 and 22.00 each day. orders placed after this time the details will be emailed to you at 09.00 the next day latest.

Please note our payment currency is Euros not Pounds Sterling please ensure you send the correct currency if paying by bank transfer. We recommend for bank transfers as fees are very low and payments arrive with us within a few hours, no long delays.


Crypto currencies - Bitcoin, Dodgecoin, Etherum and Monero. If you have another crypto currency you would like to use send us an email. 

The steps are very simple to begin using Bitcoin.

 1. Go to  and create a Bitcoin wallet, this is where you will send your Bitcoins when you buy from a Bitcoin broker.

2. Buy your Bitcoins from a reputable broker and send them to your Bitcoin wallet. here is a small selection of venors who sell Bitcon and accept card and bank transfer payment, do not ask your chosen vendor to send the Bitcoins direct to our wallet address always send to your wallet then pay us from your wallet. This is for your security as coinify or any vendor you buy Bitcoins from will ask you to verify you identity, with your wallet you are anonymous with no verification required. We would recommend that you buy a small amount of Bitcoins (BTC) higher than the total required to pay your order this is because you are charged a small fee by the Bitcoin network for each transaction.

3. When you place your first Bitcoin order there may be a small delay whilst the broker verifies your identity this is normal, after first transaction you should not need to wait.

 4. Once Bitcoins are in your wallet simply send the amount of BTC advised on your order to our Bitcoin address from your wallet.

 5. Finally advise us the payment has been made and we match your payment to your order.

All of the above once setup will take less than a few minutes to complete payment please give it a try and email us for assistance if you are having any issues.

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