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How to delete user if your app says login incorrect

Occasionally you will try to login and the app will refuse even though you have changed nothing. If this happens first try the details below and then add your user details again. If this fails ensure you are using the latest app which can be found here

1 Go to your firestick setting on the far right of your task bar with the round cog symbol.

2. Select applications from the available options.

3. Select All Installed Applications.

4. Go to your installed app for your iptv and select.

5. Select Force Stop.

6. Select Clear cache.

7. Select Clear data.

8. Select Launch application

9. Once your app starts up go to users and select add user at he top right corner.

10. Enter your login details exactly as supplied. Upper case must be upper case and lower case lower case or it will not work. On the top line where it says any name you can type anything you like for example iptv then enter user name and password then click add user.

11. You should now be able to login to your account and view. If not check all details are correct and if you are sure it is all correct then check you have the latest app installed here

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